The Prepper’s Survival Bible: The Tactical-Practical Guide to Survive to the Worst-Case Scenario (U. S. Marine Corps Exp). Off-Grid Life Saving Strategies, Home & Self Defense, Medical Emergencies

All you need to know, in a simple and practical guide, if you must face war situations, terrorist attacks, deadly viruses and much more.

Do you want to learn military survival techniques proved to be successful in handling and overcoming some of the most dangerous situations we see nowadays?

Are you specifically interested in survival techniques, but you don’t know how to protect yourself or your beloved ones?
Do you have any idea how to react in case of food, water, or medicines shortage?

If your answer is yes, keep reading!

This book shows you the best techniques to survive under the worse scenario.
You will find practical advice, not just theory.

Survival techniques are the basis of every-day soldier’s training.
It prepares them, even before carrying weapons, to handle all situations they can incur and save themselves and their teams.

★ How do US soldiers exactly act in these situations?
★ Why does it work?
★ Are these
military techniques effective?
★ Can it benefit and really help to survive common people who does not have this training?
★ What are the do’s and don’ts?
★ How to make the most of all survival techniques?
★ Which bacteria and viruses can be defeated with these techniques?
★ How do you set your home properly or find water and food in the harshest environments?
★ How do you prepare the supplies needed to survive?

Do you have more questions? This 8-volume book is for you.

Keep up with your reading, because it contains everything you need to know to survive as a true American soldier would use!

Valuable contents you will find the book:

How to avoid wounds from becoming infected.
– Stay unharmed in the most dangerous situations as soldiers would do on a battlefield.
You will start appreciating American soldiers’ discipline in your daily practice.
– Prepare an evacuation kit
– Learn how to identify items you need the most in case of emergency.
– Learn to solve more than 57 struggling scenarios, by being proactive and making the most of the survival experience.
– Find the most carefully selected recipes to prepare in the hardest conditions to feed yourself and your loved ones.
– Find out how some remedies can drastically reduce inflammation and improve disease.
And much more!

Learn to prepare yourself and organize your resources.
From now-on, there is no more reason to be afraid of the most catastrophic situations.
All the knowledge you need to survive is in your hands.

Imagine having 8 books all in one and at an incredibly and affordable price.
After reading this book and applying all its strategies, your life won’t be the same again.
Your body, your mind, your will and discipline are now trained as a real American soldier.

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